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Eagle RD130C

Eagle RD130C

The Rotabroach Eagle RD130C is a pneumatic drilling machine that is ideal for use in hazardous environments or where an electrical supply is not available.




ATEX approved II 2G T4 II D110°C

Atlas Copco Pneumatic motor for safety in hazardous areas

Mechanically activated permanent magnetic base

No load RPM: 160rpm

Max hole cutting capacity: 52mm diameter x 50mm deep

Height: 540mm

Width: 175mm

Length: 370mm

Weight: 20.6kg

Magnet Footprint: 160mm x 70mm

Air consumption: 13 lts/sec – 28CFM @ 6.3 bar min

Spindle bore: 19.05 (3/4″)

Torque at max output: 37Nm – 27lbf.t

  • Weekend / Day £80.00
  • Extra Day £40.00
  • Week Hire £160.00
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