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JEI MagBeast 4MT

JEI MagBeast 4MT

The JANCY Engineering International JEI MagBeast 4MT is a powerful 4 morse taper heavy duty mag drill machine which weighs 31kgs. It is capable of cutting 110mm diameter holes through 100mm plate.



Spindle: MT4
Weight: 31kg
Cutter Capacity: 11mm – 110mm x 100mm depth of cut
Twist Drill Capacity: 47mm
Countersink Capacity: 63mm
Motor: 1800 watts high torque
Height Min: 570mm
Height Max: 800mm
Length: 406mm
Width: 260mm (with handles)
Magnet Footprint: 240mm x 120mm
RPM 4 fixed speeds: 85 / 135 / 160 / 250
Magnetic Base Dimension: 120mm x 240mm
Noise Level: Does not exceed 90dB
Vibration Level: Does not exceed 2.5m/s2

  • Weekend / Day £87.50
  • Extra Day £43.75
  • Week Hire £175.00
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