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Element 100

Element 100


The Element 100 is small in size, with reversible features to allow tapping up to M30.
Suitable for drilling up to 100mm diameter by 100mm depth or 31.75mm diameter with MT shank twist drill.
The Elements use a dual motor protection system prolonging the machines life.
Unique torque display CutsmartTM takes the difficulty out of drilling a hole. Clever electronics and visual display will guide you throughout the cut, optimising the machine’s performance and protecting your cutters.




Model Number: ELEMENT100
Maximum hole cutting capacity: 100mm Diameter x 100mm Depth / 31.75mm Taper Shank Twist Drill Bit
Maximum tapping capacity: M30
Motor Specification: 110V full load 19.7A 2000W / 230V full load 9.5A 2000W
Arbor: MT3
No Load RPM: Gear1: 45 – 129 / Gear 2: 70 – 208 / Gear 3: 150 – 434 / Gear 4: 240 – 700
Machine Weight: 24.8Kg
Magnetic Adhesion: 20 000N @ 20oC with 25mm minimum plate thickness
Magnetic Footprint: 228mm x114mm

Overall Dimensions:

Height – 733mm/533mm
Width – 230mm
Length – 370mm

Safety Features:

CutsmartTM Technology
Fixed guard
Internal motor cable
Flush switches
Magnetic detection
Mechanical clutch

  • Weekend / Day £70.00
  • Extra Day £35.00
  • Week Hire £140.00
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